Friday, May 29, 2009

Some work-related observations, musings, and experiences from the week

picture from here

  • I love people whose voices don't match their appearance. There was a customer this past week who looked sort of like Josh from that Nickelodeon show Drake & Josh (holy man that kid has lost weight. He looks good. He's the one sitting down. And there were much more attractive pictures of him. I just wanted to show him how I remember him on the show). So yeah, he looked like that but sounded like Ray Romano.
  • A lot of customers don't even bother with the "Do you have.....?" part of the question. They'll simply state the flower and make their voices go up at the end and hope you point them in the right direction. "Salvia argentea?" "Bacopa?" It doesn't bug me. Just something I noticed.
  • It's amazing how many questions I can answer just by reading the tags. Seriously, people. Open your eyes a little. Stretch those optical muscles. 
  • A lot of old people come to the store. And I mean A LOT of old people. Bus loads. They make a day trip out of it and all come together. I love it.


  1. We had a bus load of old ladies come in yesterday.
    But it annoyed the hell out of me! I was trying to get samples out and weaving around walkers at the same time!

  2. I love the walkers! Or the cute couples where one is in a wheelchair and the other will wheel them around. I also like the old men that whistle. For some reason old men are very good whistlers.