Monday, June 22, 2009

Armed and ready

Paid a little visit to the local art store (which totally pwns sUcktrecht) and picked up some lovely inks and inking paraphernalia to fiddle around with now that I have a bit more time. I've been wanting to try some floral illustrations with coloured inks since I started my job at the garden center. I figure it is such a perfect medium because you get such intense, rich colours or you can dilute them and get more delicate tones. So versatile! It's going to be a good good day.

My mom picked up this cool book with tons of different techniques for various mediums (including inks!) so I'm going to have a flip through that. I have a feeling it will be covered in post-its and drool once I'm done with it. I am also really eager to try out this transfer technique that Liz tried the other day.

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