Friday, June 12, 2009

Please don't name her Jennifer

This was another discovery of the Great Room Purge of 2009. A card sent by my uncle to my parents when I was born.

UPDATE: So....I'm not sure why this picture won't enlarge but it clearly makes the reading part (a vital part of this post) a little difficult, wouldn't you say? Here's what it says:


Wonderful news! I hope you two + the baby are holding up well.

Gosh - kids, parenthood. Something of which I can barely yet conceive (<- note clever pun). Of course, I can't really conceive of marriage yet, either. Hell, I haven't even got myself a girlfriend these days (though steps are being taken...)

I'd recommend some spiffy, ideologically correct children's books but maybe I'll wait till she can read. Then again, maybe you'd be horrified at my definition of ideological correctness. Oh well, save it for later.

Take care + have fun

Love Rob

P.S. Please send me a picture of her!

P.P.S. Please don't name her Jennifer—I went to high school with a bratty flock of Jennifers.

He is now the father of these two beautiful girls. We all laughed when  we read this. A lot.

Going camping tomorrow! Have a great weekend.

Picture from here


  1. You should.. type out everything that card says because my eyeballs are too tired to read it all. <3 you

  2. Thank you! Your uncle is an incredibly witty man, btw. Nice use of the word 'flock'.