Friday, July 31, 2009

Ghost World anyone?

So, I recently got a giftcard for Chapters for my birthday. Giftcards are simultaneously genius and evil because one always exceeds the limit on the giftcard buying many many wonderful things from their favourite stores (coughbookscoughmanymanybookscough). So I shopped around online and scored some great deals but none as amazing as the deal I found the very next day at the library.

Not 24 hours after I placed my order, I walked into the library and perused the used books for sale. Among them was Ghost World - for one dollar. Which I had just ordered the night before. For fourteen dollars. Gah.

So, I certainly have no need for two copies of Ghost World so the shiny new one is up for grabs! Just comment before Sunday night and I'll pick someone at random!


  1. Ooh! Although I do wonder why the shiny new one is up for grabs versus the marked up library one. ...actually, I understand the pleasure one can find in their second-hand finds.

  2. You're a geake.

    I like how loved my second-hand copy looks. Plus giving away a beat up old copy is kind of lousy for whoever gets it because not everyone appreciates the goodness of a well-loved reject like you and me haha

  3. Well, unless someone says something in the next hour it looks like Ghost World is all yours!