Thursday, August 20, 2009

Some sketches

So, being on Mayne Island for the weekend with no internet, no television and it raining half the time (I sound like I'm griping but I'm really not, I swear. Just stating the facts) I was amazingly productive in the sketching department. Funny how that works, huh?

(Sorry for the crappy quality. The sketchbook I used was too big to fit in the scanner so I had to take photos of each page)

Mireille: What's that?
Me: The Holy Grail.
Mireille: ...of patterns?

This one was inspired by a short story by Neil Gaiman from Smoke & Mirrors. Really awesome book (I think it's my favourite of his that I've read thus far).

This is a picture of my very tall sister
dwarfing all the little Asians at T&T Supermarket.
(Their baskets have extendible handles so you can
put them on the ground and wheel them around).

My baby

Mireille making a face and little crabs on the beach

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