Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Mix #17: Do a little dance

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It has been kind of drizzly here over the last little while, and as much as I love the rain I thought a little happy-dance playlist was in order for today. Hope you have a good week and get to do a few happy-dances.

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We Are Golden
Honestly, how could you not be happy listening to this song? Or pretty much any other MIKA song.

Every Little Thing She Does is Magic
This song makes me want to spin around in circles in a field full of flowers.

Love You Madly
Cake can do no wrong.

Dancing in the Moonlight
I want to learn the keyboard part to this song. Whenever they play it on the radio in the mornings it is stuck in my head for the rest of the day.

Ok, not a very original choice. But this song is just too awesome to not include.

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  1. Hi from Sparkling Ink (the name of my open id is not currently working - still shows a nonsense name, but it'a me)! Thank you for the blog love, Marisa! You have such a fun blog! Happy Halloweek:)