Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Mix #19: Cool your jets

It still looks like this here.

As much as I love the holiday season, it is too early (in my opinion) to start up with the Christmas carols! My favourite radio station switched over to holiday music 24/7 over the weekend. The laundromat was playing Christmas carols yesterday morning. It's not even Thanksgiving! I feel even worse for people who work in retail. (Although, I must say that all this holiday music is making really want to bake some Christmas cookies!)

Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas carols. Just let me polish off my plate of Thanksgiving turkey first. So, here is some non-Christmas music from my week.

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Santa Monica
Takin' it back a few years. Whatever happened to these guys? They were good!

As much as I love 1901, I'm getting a little tired of it being on my radio ALL the time. It's time for this song to take front seat. I like this Bratpack mash-up set very well to this song.

If You Leave Me Now
My love for this song probably stems from the movie A Lot Like Love. There is just something so fun about singing "oo-ooooo-OOOOOO-0000-ooo baby pleeaaasssee don't go" as loudly and sappily as possible.

I and Love and You
Ok, another song that has been overplayed as of late. But it is just so lovely!

We're Going to be Friends
This song is just so cute and hopeful.

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  1. Santa Monica is definitely the best Ever Clear song. I still love it every time I hear it.