Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday Mix #21: Too tired to think of title

This drawing by my friend Kaycie pretty much sums up Thanksgiving. The only thing that would make it slightly more accurate to my break would be if the people had slightly deranged expressions due to sleep deprivation. End of semester, tis the season. Two more weeks and then I'm free!

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The Break-Up Song
I considered making a playlist of songs with catchy refrains that consist of random noises.

The Spirit of Radio
The Rush fan in me wanted to make this entry SUPER BIG AND BOLD. But the designer in me won. I take the fact that this song was playing on the radio this morning as a sign that today is going to be super awesome.

Work Out Fine
Title says it all.

Evil Woman
ELO makes good late night work music.

What You Own
I went to go see Rent over the weekend at the Marcus Center. Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal were part of the cast and it was amaaaaazing. You know how when you see one of your favourite bands in concert and then you keep listening to their CDs over and over for the next week? I've been listening to Rent for the past few days. This is my favourite song from Rent.

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