Saturday, November 21, 2009

My Life is Average

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I have never really found FML to be very funny, so I was really pleased when I ran across My Life is Average this morning (or MLIA). Much more entertaining! Here are some of my favourites that I've read thus far:

"Today I saw these two girls acting suspiciously near a large Edward Cullen cut out at my work. They were whispering about something and kept looking over at the cut out. After I was finished selling tickets to a patron, I looked up and saw them putting a Hufflepuff scarf and cape on him. Good to know that they know who's more important! MLIA"

"Today, at work a little girl was running around. She ended up falling down and started crying. Her dad said "It's okay sweetie!! Take dragon breaths!!" She then took a deep breath, and as she was exhaling she went "ROARRRRRR!!!" just like a dragon. I love kids. MLIA"

"Today, my precal class was having a test on graphing functions. Thirteen minutes into the test a kid shouted out, “Holy shift! Look at the asymptote on that mother function.” This earned the kid extra credit and the math department now has new t-shirts. MLIA"


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