Monday, February 15, 2010

Will you be my Valentine?

Ok, I may hate Valentine's Day but I so loved the idea of personalized celebrity/character Valentine's that I had to make some for my friends. I noodled around in the printmaking lab at school to make the plexi-monotype backgrounds and then drew all the characters. Cheesy captions also by yours truly.

Hope everyone had a lovely day regardless of whether you think it's a totally bogus holiday or not.

Jim Carrey Ace Ventura for Chelsey

Stephen Fry for Liz—caption from this clip. WATCH IT.
(The back says "Feel the love" hehe)

Dr. Horrible for Kaycie

Dexter for Abi
(It's kind of creepy/awesome how the background of
this one ended up looking like a blood sample)

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  1. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME CAN WE GO MAKE BABIES NOW? (You and me, I mean. ...though Dex would work, too.)