Thursday, March 25, 2010

Endings and beginnings

Blog it Forward ended yesterday and if you missed out you should go check out all the great blogs that participated here. I hope Victoria has the energy to put together another one of these because it was a really cool event that brought together well-known and little known bloggers (like me!)

I heard about this cool illustration "event" on Facebook (I pronounce this like Dr. Spaceman thanks to Liz). The 12 Week Challenge may sounds like a diet plan but it's described by its creator Jonathan Woodward as "an opportunity to make amazing progress towards your goal of becoming a full time professional illustrator. But this time you won’t be alone."

It's getting near the end of school-craziness time of year (as opposed to the just regular craziness-time) so I won't be participating but I'll definitely be following it and picking up some tips.

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