Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"I played right into your obsession with Paris, didn't I?"

A couple of weeks ago before the end of the year school madness began, my roommate Liz wanted to make crepes for lunch on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. (This was when I was right in the middle of this project, hence the title of this post).

We used this recipe which was delicious and made little mini-crepes since our best non-stick pan is teeny. Then we ate them with all the random things we could find in refrigerator and they were amazing.

I had just finished reading French Milk and one of my favourite parts of the book was whenever she would describe the lunches her and her mother made after visiting the market, so I felt very French as I ate these crepes with cheese, egg whites, spinach, honey, jam, cinnamon sugar, and lemon (not all at once, of course).

The best way to have a crepe in my opinion? Sprinkle on some sugar and then drizzle on some lemon juice. So. Good.


Egg white, smoked gouda, spinach
(great way to use up the egg whites after using five in the crepe batter)

Strawberry jam

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