Sunday, May 23, 2010

"Just look at it. All so... f***ing green!"

Driving Lessons anyone?

Sorry my posting has been sort of spotty. First full week back working at the garden center and every night I seriously crash at 9:30 I'm so tired from running around all day at work. I rented three movies on Wednesday (Ponyo, Where the Wild Things Are, and Coco Avant Chanel) and I have yet to finish watching any of them because I keep falling asleep!

Here are a few things I spotted this week:

I've been hearing frogs around the pond at work for the past few days but didn't see one until yesterday. This little dude was hiding in a flat of pots that I was rearranging that wasn't even near the pond. I decided to place the pot beside the pond but then the frog didn't move for the rest of the day (at least a good solid 3 hours). I started to wonder if it was on some great trek eastward and I screwed up all his plans by moving him west to pond.

This coleus looks like it's from outer space. Love it.

I work in freaking Fern Gully. Seriously.
This is only a small small fraction of the garden center.
(Hi mom!)

A robin egg I found in a hydrangea bush.

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