Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Mix #41: What a fine life we are living

It's getting harder and harder for me to think of leaving beautiful BC. Yesterday I learned that this beautiful haven exists a mere half hour away from my house. I went canoeing and hiking here with some friends and now want to spend all of my weekends here.

It was cloudy in the morning and rained a bit on us (surprise surprise) during the canoe trip in but it cleared up in the afternoon.

So freaking gorgeous. My feeble point and shoot did not to the bluey-green water justice.

All I have to say is Milwaukee you better bring it.

Some new discoveries, old favourites and one ridiculously catchy new pop song that I can't stop listening to on this week's mix.

(Don't worry, it's not Ke$ha)

(I may or may not have already been sucked into that swirly vortex of infectious pop and vapid lyrics but it's not too late for you! Save yourself!)

Have a good one!

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