Friday, July 16, 2010

Got the sunshine, got the tunes

Long time no illustration, right? Now that I'm done working at the garden center for the season, I hope to rectify this situation. Here's a quick spot illustration I whipped out last night of a happy dude just jammin' to some tunes.

I've been hunting around for some good summer mixes lately (I've already got one of my own compiled that I add to each year but I always like to listen to others) and yesterday I hit the jackpot! is the mother lode. Tons of great lists to peruse and even download!

A couple of other excellent mixes I've found are this one from I Am Fuel, You Are Friends (one of my favourite music blogs) and this one from Kid Collective.

Does anyone have any suggestions for any other great summer mixes they've run across or tunes they like to listen to when the sun is shining? I'd love to hear them!

Have a musical weekend.

P.S. A couple great tunes for free download if you take a little jaunt over to Speakers in Code today.

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