Thursday, July 15, 2010

Just another Wednesday

My love for that bridge is ridiculous.

Alternate title: my sister and I like food......a lot.
Alternate title numero dos: Marisa and Mireille know how to pack it away like a Gilmore Girl.

Headed over to Granville Island yesterday with the sister and we had a lovely afternoon eating lots of delicious food from the market. The spread included a loaf of bread from Terra; some spreads, pesto and sundried-tomato pasta salad, marinated mini bocconcini, and roasted cloves of garlic from Duso's; and some cheese, bruschetta, prociutto, and raspberries from other places who have escaped my mind at the moment.

Basically, enough food for about ten people.

That cheese was actually quite terrible.
Living in Wisconsin has shown me what cheese can be!

While we ate, we listened to a busker who was a little fellow from Newfoundland. I felt like I was being serenaded by a leprechaun. It was magical.

Dessert from Stuart's

And then to cap off the magnificent day, my Chapters order was waiting in the mail when I got home. This (minus the Penguin Classics Little Women—that was a great deal at Chapters that I bought earlier that day) was what I bought with my birthday present from Bev! Thanks Bev! I now have all the Penguin Classics with illustrated covers by Ruben Toledo.

Hope everyone else had a lovely Wednesday, too.

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