Friday, August 13, 2010

Bacon chocolate and MIKA

Notice that I did not separate the "bacon" and "chocolate" with a comma?

On the trip back from Seattle, we stopped at Whole Foods, where this strange chocolate bar called to me. I've heard many good thing about Vosges (based in Chicago, I believe) and if there is anything I can say about this year, I think it is that it has been the year of bacon and chocolate for me and my roommate. So of course, I had to try this.

The verdict? Needs more bacon.

Have a good weekend everyone! Maybe dance around your house/apartment/mansion/treehouse to this song that I've been listening to all week.


  1. It would look more appetizing if not for the giant picture of GREASY ASS BACON on the front.

    I dunno, I haven't tried this magical combination but I'm still bloody skeptical.

    See you next week!

  2. I had a friend who like infusing things...and he did both bacon-chocolate and bacon-vodka. My S/O said that that Vosges bacon-chocolate tasted just like our friends :) Maybe you can make a stronger bacon-ier chocolate?