Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A few Seattle snapshots

In retrospect, I really didn't take many pictures of anything that wasn't food or the Seattle Gum Wall. I think it's clear what my priorities are....

This trip around, we explored a bit more of the cool neighbourhoods around Seattle like Ballard and Capitol Hill. It was Seafair weekend, so no matter where you went you could hear the roar that signified that the Blue Angels had passed by and were probably halfway across the city by now. They are equal parts terrifying and super-awesome.

Busker at Pike Place

The sister and father simply rolled their eyes when my mother and I dragged them into a garden center. Gotta scope out the competition! The City People's Garden Store was, in a word, gorgeous.

The sister looking super Asian in her gum wall-camouflage dress.

Once you get past the ick-factor, the Seattle Gum Wall is really kind of fascinating.

Edited sign in Ballard

Some restaurant reviews and the loot I scored at the best bargain book section I have ever seen are to come. Thanks to everyone who suggested things to check out in Seattle!

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