Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday Mix #47: There is no home like the one you've got

How freaking gorgeous is this concert setting? This was while they were setting up because once they started playing the sun had started to set. The Paperboys concert on Friday in Deep Cove was nothing short of magnificent. They played on the outdoor stage at Panorama Park and it was an excellent show—even better by the time I convinced my sister to go up front and dance with me like five-year-olds. The Paperboys have a very unique sound, blending celtic, Mexican, and folk influences into a big mosaic of musical goodness.

Hello, hello and Happy BC Day/Civic Holiday to everyone in Canada sans Quebec. Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. I was listening to the playlist that I had pre-prepared (I just have multiple lists going at once and when I find something I like, I just throw it on there) and it is not as celebratory as I would like it to be, so promise me you'll do a little dance to this when you're done listening, ok?

Have a good one.

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