Friday, January 28, 2011

Good Good Links for the Weekend

Friday! I've had a pretty productive week and now that the weekend is here there is no stopping me. Hope everyone has a great weekend and here a few fun links to tide you over until Monday.

A tad obsessed with this amazing food blog after seeing it last week on the Soho.

Over Christmas break I spent some time with my dad looking at old slides but the lens cap on the old projector kept stopping up. I think this projector would make a cute replacement.

Fantastic travel tumblr seen on Cream City and Sugar.

This spiced grapefruit + blood orange juice sounds like the perfect drink to brighten up these grey days of winter.

How crazy is this?

Lovely poster (perhaps to hang beside the bathroom mirror?)

The beginnings of a beautiful hand-drawn alphabet seen on Eat Drink Chic.

I'm going to try and see this cool installation in NYC before it comes down on May 31 (via Cup of Jo)

Absolutely incredible (via Where the Lovely Things Are

I really want to take a road trip with Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan (more here)

This blog made me laugh.

Oh. My. Lanta. Sophistimom deserves a medal for this. (No extra dishes!) via exPress-o

Random but oh so hilarious (thank you Abi)


  1. thanks for all the cool links, this should speed up the rest of my day.

  2. hot dead dudes with piecharts.....that is so freaking awesome...

  3. Those Greenland kayak scenes are almost too amazing to be real! And thanks for passing on Bangable Dudes in History - genius! Have a great weekend :.)

  4. Great links! I love the arctic kayaks and that one skillet cookie looks amazing.

  5. Thanks for sharing all these links! Love the photo up top! I would love my kitchen to look like that! :]

  6. Those are such a great links, sweetie and thank you for the link-back! So very sweet of you:) Wish you a cozy Sunday

  7. That bangable dude site was pretty funny. I can see why it made you laugh.

  8. This is a great list of links - those kayakers must have had the time of their lives! Such beautiful photos. Hope your weekend was as productive as you hoped!

  9. Great links!! ...and I love that first image!

  10. the dead guys and the kayak, amazing! ( on different levels, of course)

  11. What awesome links!!! Thanks! And thanks for the visit! What a good, good blog you have here! xo Samantha ps. Love your illustrations!