Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Illustrated How-to: Survive the (Possibly) Biggest Snowstorm in a Decade

I don't know about where you may be reading it from but there is a good chance you are being affected by this storm! Last I heard, it was at least 30 states being hit by it. Bonkers.

It's really starting to howl here in Milwaukee and supposed to keep going until tomorrow afternoon. My classes were already canceled for today and tomorrow! So I thought I would take advantage of this extra time to a) work work work on thesis and, b) make a fun little illustration series of the things I'm doing to weather the storm. I'll be posting a new one every couple of hours or so.

Stay warm and enjoy!


  1. Dang! 30 states... not to mention that Australia's getting that giant category 5+ cyclone. :C

    I love your snowflakes C:

  2. Hi Marisa! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I have had the *best* time looking through your blog. I love your illustrations--so much talent! Stay safe (and warm) the next couple of days!!

  3. Oh, fun! I can't wait to see your illustrations. I'm in Alabama, so I think I'm pretty safe from the storm - seeing as it was, like, 68 degrees this past weekend! Sheesh, Alabama, at least pretend to give us a winter!

    Hope you stay safe during the storm.

  4. We aren't getting hit as hard as you but snow is falling here too. Love your illustration :) Stay warm and safe!
    Natasha xo