Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pippilotta Delicatessa Windowshade Mackrelmint Ephraim's Daughter Longstocking

Pippi Longstocking was one of my favourite characters as a kid—seriously, who doesn't love a girl who can lift a horse above her head?—and still is today. So naturally, I was really excited when my friend Chelsey shared these drawings she found for a Miyazaki adaptation (that was unfortunately scrapped). So cute! See more artwork here (and if anyone can read Russian let me know what it says!)


  1. Your friend made tehse drawings? Please tell her, tehy are magnificient!! congrats! Kisses

  2. I loved Pippi! I dressed up as her for Halloween one year - it involved putting pipe cleaners in my hair...

  3. i FREAKIN loved those crazy old pippi movies when i was a kid....i loved the one where she had to rescue her father at some pirate stronghold...but they were all pretty amazing....oh and how could you not love a girl who throws a birthday party for her horse?????

  4. hi marisa! thank you for visiting me lades, i've come to notice in amongst my many brain stumble moments that i've been here before but gosh darn if i didn't join up. totally gonna do that asap.

    i love your blog and wow momma your designs are beauteous. i'm really into graphics, recently took a course here in vancouver. all the illustrations you've made blow my mind with goodness.

    bonus about the pippi post being no. 1 when i strolled in. reminds me of long ago days. i think it's a stellar adaptation. have you ever heard of Mirko Hanák? he did original drawings for bambi and his brushwork on rice paper is amazing. totally have a tattoo planned out with it as the insp.

    thanks so much for sharing this and cheers to a wondrous week ahead. ♥

  5. how fun! I also loved Pippi as a kid. I always wanted to go spelunking like her.
    My mom has a tiny old Swedish copy of the book which has some pretty great illustrations as well. These ones here are so fun.
    I came here from You Are My Fave. Very nice blog, keep up the good work :)