Friday, March 11, 2011

Good Good Links for the Weekend

 photo seen on cup of jo

What is your favourite Beatles song? Mine is Ob La Di Ob La Da. It never fails to make me happy and remind me that if things aren't going according to plan, life goes on. I'm going out for a girls dance night to Beatle Bash tonight! I hope everyone else has something fun planned for the weekend. Catch you on the flip side.

My sister linked this amazing "cake" recipe to me last week.

I'm not a fan of hard-boiled eggs, but I have a sudden urge to boil some eggs just so I can try this.

Beautiful Paris-inspired fabric seen on Cup of Jo.

Also love this Paris in Yellow series.

This seems like such a neat place to eat!

So excited for the new Handle With Care online shop (as if I needed something else to fuel my wanderlust).

Pretty hand drawn type seen on That's Happy.

A couple of Up! related finds seen on Playing Grown Up: How amazing is this birthday party (that cake!) and National Geographic being awesome once again.

Amazing Beatles cupcakes seen on Rosalind Revival

Have a wonderful weekend! See you Monday.


  1. i really really want to boil some eggs now too!

  2. That handle with care stores looks amazing! And yeah, it does not help at all with the wanderlust...

    Have a great time tonight, sounds like so much fun!

  3. Love that egg boiling video:)Have a fantastic Tuesday Muah