Monday, April 18, 2011

Long time, no see!

Hi everybody! (Hi Dr. Nick!) Did you miss me? (Pffft...of course you did.) I'm back a little earlier than expected and have a bunch to update you on!
  • First, I want to extend a huge thank you to all of my lovely guest bloggers! Have I mentioned how much that series helped me maintain my sanity during thesis? Because it did. I hope everyone else enjoyed it, too!
  • Second, hi to the new followers! There's a few more of you now than when I last checked in.
  • Third, I want to say hi to Christine (Christina?) I'm sorry, I can't remember which one but it was super cool meeting you last week during my thesis opening! You are the first actual human that is not related to me/already friends with me and therefore obligated to read my blog that reads Good Good and it was a neat experience. Hi!
  • Fourth, (I had the urge to write "fourthly" because it sounded silly but it didn't match the rest of my list. Faulty parallelism!) I have a bunch to share with you about my thesis during the upcoming week but this list is getting quite long so I think I'll cap it off at this for now.
I'm going to try and pop in later with a Monday Mix. Later dudes!

P.S. Pretty red velvet cake I picked up at Glorioso's as my "yay you survived thesis" present to myself. Rewarding yourself with food is a good habit...right? Also, Upsidedown Jellyfish are a real thing. I didn't just draw a jellyfish and flip it upsidedown. You should google them. They're neat!


  1. i was just discussing red velvet recipes last night!! good thing i don't have the ingredients for it. :)

  2. yayyyy you are back! i just had a red velvet cake over the w/e and it was AMAZING.

  3. i don't know if my mouth has ever watered so much as looking at this piece of cake.