Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Craft Fair + Weekend Re-cap

 Sunday was the 4th Annual Fernwood School Fine Craft & Art Fair here in Bayview. My Pattern & Licensing class participated as part of our semester-long project to create ten of one item and market it. It was really neat meeting a bunch of local artists and there was tons of great stuff for sale (great Mother's and Father's Day shopping).

 I had a whole stash of business cards that I had collected from my favourite sellers that I was going to tell you all about but in an unfortunate incident on the way out to the car, it was very windy and it was either use my free hand that wasn't holding stuff to grab the business cards or hold down my dress. And I wasn't too keen on flashing everyone. So I'll have to wait to get that info from Abi. For now, I can show you the stuff from our table!

 Leah's Create Your Own Monster stamp set was one of my favourite items from the class. She designed eight stamps that can be mixed and matched to create your own monster! How cool is that? It was so fun seeing all of the kids at the fair coming up to the table and rearranging the stamps into new faces.

 Abi's Critter Cup Cozies were also some of my favourites (I keep trying to convince her to make me a jellyfish).

 Stamps made my yours truly.

 Abi bought a shrimp! (It's made from a drinking straw!)

 Afterwards, Abi and I went to Honeypie Cafe in Bayview for a late lunch.

Comet's Mac n Cheese (with ham and peas!) still reigns supreme in my heart (and stomach), but Honeypie's is topped with bacon so points for that. Honeypie does make amazing desserts from scratch, though, so try and save room for some if you are there! (This amazing pre-blizzard cupcake was made by Honeypie).

All in all, good good weekend.


  1. that shrimp is amazing! i love it.
    looks like a fun time!

  2. This craft fair looks like so much fun - such cute pictures!