Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Mix #81: Takin' it easy

 photo by etsy seller maryvican

In a lazy mood today despite my long to-do list. Need to clean my apartment and run a few errands (like take my computer to the Apple store to get a new cd drive. Boo) and then going to bake some Cthulhu cupcakes later today! I hope everyone else has something to look forward to this week. For now, here's a mix to start the week off slow (I'm obsessed with that Spoon cover of Bring it on Home. Joshua Radin sang a great cover of it when I saw him a few months ago and I have been in love with that song ever since).

I'm trying a new playlist website this week because I've been hearing that doesn't work in quite a few countries outside of the US. Let me know how this one works!