Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Snaps from Chicago

 On the way out of town we spent a couple of days in Chicago. We took the Metra into town so that we wouldn't have to deal with parking and then walked around until our architectural riverboat tour started just after noon (you can see the boat below). Chicago is such a neat city that continues to reinvent itself. Here's part one of our adventure:

 Never fails to make me think of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.

 "The Former Sears Tower" as our riverboat tour guide called it.

Buckingham Fountain


  1. Great pics! I've always wanted to go to Chicago. Looks like a beautiful city. How does it compare to NYC? Just curious.

  2. Whoa! Love it... I'm going to Chicago in a few months, and know nothing about the city, so I would love to hear more about how your stay there was!

  3. Marisa!!! I am so happy that you commented on my blog so that I could discover you and your AMAZING illustrations. I'm completely blown away! Thank you so much for the tip on the plant. I'm trying it tonight for sure!

  4. Looks like a great time!! I haven't been there in years.

  5. Oh great shots! So artistic. Makes me miss Chicago!!

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  6. Brings back such great memories. Nice shots.