Friday, June 10, 2011

Good Good Links for the Weekend

 photo by joel

Was it just me or did that week go by really quickly? I have plans to hit up Maxwell Street Days with Abi tomorrow. Hopefully the weather won't be as bizarro as it has been this past week (although I witnessed a pretty rad lightning storm on Wednesday night!) I hope you all have a splendid weekend!

Cute DIY brooch made from fabric scraps.

Love this dreamcatcher print by Yasmine Surovec (via Abi).

Pretty much the seasons in Milwaukee, too.

I think I need Anthropologie blinders. I want it all. Especially these dishes.

Avocado popsicles. I'm intrigued.

Looking forward to this video series (via swiss miss).

And finally, ickle Luongo! (Go Canucks Go!)


  1. Nice game by Louongo. One left. Those popsicles are pretty awesome.

  2. I love that Toronto Seasons print! Have a fantastic start to the week, darling

  3. Wow, avocado popsicles sound crazy! I have to say, the blackberry popsicles look a little bit more appetizing to me :) Hope you had a great weekend!!
    Star Hughes Living

  4. That Toronto poster is perfect. Very similar to Vancouver too, no? I have to try out the avocado popsicle...if summer ever happens.
    I'm praying Luongo pulls out all his tricks for tonight!

  5. avocado popsicle is on my to do list!