Saturday, July 9, 2011

Good Good {HP} Links for The Weekend

Those of you who aren't huge Harry Potter nerds, forgive my geeking out for today's weekend links. I thought that with less than a week to go I would get everyone hyped up with a few HP related links. Abi and I are planning on watching all of the movies over the next week before we hit up the midnight showing this Thursday. Show of hands, who has two thumbs and watched the first movie on ABC Family this morning? (This kid).

SAN FRANCISCO READERS: On another note, if there is anyone who lives in San Francisco and/or has access to tomorrow's Chronicle and would be willing to mail me a few copies please give me a shout!

I ordered this awesome t-shirt to wear on Thursday.

Totally laughed out loud at this.

This thought crosses my mind at least once a week.

Love me some great Harry Potter graphics.

A round up of Harry Potter cupcakes to inspire you.

Makes me laugh. Every. Time.



  2. Those cupcakes are simply amazing! The sorting hat one is probably my fave :-)

    I haven't been to see the movie yet - it just came out here, I might go next weekend!

    Also, the nose thing? Hilarious :-D