Friday, July 1, 2011

Good Links for the Weekend

It's Friday. It's my birthday. Bohemian Rhapsody was the first song on the radio this morning when my alarm clock woke me up. It's going to be a good day.

I hope everyone has a great Canada Day at home, a great Fourth of July in the States, and a great weekend wherever else in the world you may be! I'll be back on Tuesday, but for now here are a few links for the weekend:

Cute fox notebook.

Thinking of backing this Kickstarter project. I've been looking for an awesomely patterned pair of rainboots for the last couple of years.

This made me think of my sister's friend Cecilia (because I totally do this when I see her).

Polenta pizza crust? I'm game.

Harry Potter + infographics. Me likes. (Just bought my tickets for the midnight showing last night!)

Hoping I get a chance to check out this shop when I'm in New York later this month.

Awesome hand-drawn type.

Amazing Scandinavian fabrics.

Get schooled in pop culture. (I'll be a Gilmore Girl in no time).


  1. Have a happy birthday! It's so cool that you've got two countries celebrating it with you!

  2. happy belated birthday, Marisa! hope you had a great time celebrating :)

  3. Happy belated birthday you!!!! I hope your weekend was amazing!

  4. Mmm...that pizza! Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

  5. Happy belated birthday, friend! Hope it was swell.