Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Carnegie Deli

A stop at the Carnegie Deli was another one of the highlights from my New York trip. Jade's dad told her she had to visit it so after the Alexander McQueen exhibit, Renae, Jade, and I walked through Central Park (with a stop at Balto and Strawberry Fields) to the Carnegie Deli. That's one of the things I loved about New York. It is so walkable. And if you need to go that extra little bit, taxi is there when you need it.

I'm not a pickle person, but Jade was impressed by the sampler plate we were brought.

 Renae's BLT

 The giant pastrami and corned beef sandwich (the "Woody Allen") that Jade and I split. It wasn't so much a sandwich as it was a giant pile of meat with a couple feeble slices of bread.

Yeah, I think Carnegie Deli has got Dunn's beat.

And then......
wait for it......
....the best cheesecake I have eaten in my entire life.


  1. beautiful cheesecake :P

  2. Can your description be any more spot on? I mean that is exactly what it looks like a big hunk of meat with some feeble bread somewhere. By sampler platter of pickles do you mean there are different flavors? That would be pretty sweet...

  3. That sandwich is ridiculous!