Friday, September 2, 2011


Moving day has arrived! After living in a hotel for four weeks, I'm getting a little (ok, a lot) stir crazy and can't wait to move. Does anyone have any tips for moving?  I'd love to hear them. I've done this four times and I still feel terrible at it. Packing just stresses me out no matter how much or how little it is. Whether it is a suitcase for a trip or my entire apartment, I hate it. Wish me luck!

Impromptu slip 'n' slide in Times Square last Sunday courtesy of Hurricane Irene.

I can't wait to try some of the refreshing and simple recipes on Meal du Jour (via Village)

The only thing that would make these prints better would be if it said "Tony Danza".

These terrariums are totally rad.

Jellyfish! (via Where the Lovely Things Are)

Would love a set of these cookie cutters.

Really digging this mix that I found on 8tracks.

I need this ottoman in my living room. West Elm, why must you taunt me so?

Another fine addition to my dream living room.

And what Good Good links post would be complete without a Harry Potter link?

Have a good long weekend!

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  1. i hate moving too! but hte last time i did it, i actually started packing ahead of time - crazy how much difference that makes as the move date gets closer!