Saturday, October 1, 2011


I'm looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend! Probably going to bake some of these cookies today and watch the Bill Cunningham movie tonight. Have a good one, everyone!

I definitely need this kitchen gadget in my life. (via elephantine)

Made me laugh. A lot.

I love Brady Street in the morning.

Another lovely collection of leaves.

I love me some bacon, but I think this is taking the craze a bit too far.

Did you guys see Natalie's beautiful cake? Yum!

I want to make some of these scarf curtains for my apartment.

Colour dance bomb.

I want to get back into knitting this autumn and also learn to crochet. Crochet Geek looks like it is going to be a great resource! (via Kristin Nohe)

Absolutely loving Dan Mangan's new album. (You can listen to it online here)

P.S. Just caught up on this week's Project Runway. I think the judges OD'd on their crazy pills this week.

image // joy stclaire via elephantine


  1. i just got lost on the kitchen gadget much amazingness

  2. What a fun night - cookies and Bill Cunningham?! I need to see it. Those scarf curtains are awesome. Going to catch up on PR while hubs watches football - yes! xo

  3. PS - loved the crazy pills reference on PR. Michael Kors always has me laughing out loud!!

  4. You are too sweet! Hope you had a lovely weekend.