Friday, November 11, 2011


My friend told me that people who were born on June 11, 1981 have officially been alive for 11,111 days today. Make an extra special wish at  11:11 tonight and have a good weekend everyone!


Would this Magic 8 Ball pen make a fun stocking stuffer? Signs point to yes.

A coworker recommended to me a little while ago that I make grilled cheese sandwiches like this (and I have never looked back).

I am not a coffee drinker, but I would start just for an excuse to own one of these beautiful ceramic French presses.

I'm in love with Colleen's DIY file cabinet makeover! Colourblock perfection.

Malcolm Gladwell's books with beautifully redesigned cover (via design work life)

These mason jar candles would make a fun DIY project.

Converse + Marimekko = shoe awesomeness. Ordered these babies (hopefully they fit!)

Top ten abandoned places. So fascinating! (I had a unit about Centralia in college!) via Happiness Is

I would like to write any future correspondence on this stationary seen on Letterheady. (Who has two thumbs and is super excited for the new Muppet movie? This kid.)

And finally, I had fun finishing up Ann Shen's sketch for map week this week over at Ten Paces and Draw! (And I love Rachel's illustration for my fridge sketch!)


  1. I want that french press! thank you so much for stopping by.. Do you miss Vancouver? I do.. I'm from there as well.. some days I long for the weather and a some Tim Hortons....

  2. Off to check a few of these out, happy weekend!