Saturday, December 10, 2011


It's the weekend! Who is running around trying to finish things on their Christmas to-do list? This kid. And probably you, too. I hope everyone has a good one, and remember to take a second to relax and curl up with a hot beverage and take a minute for yourself!

Listening to this great Christmas playlist as I write this.

Have you been keeping up with Girl Walk // All Day? This project fills me with so much glee. Part four was just released yesterday.

Moose cookies!

A wall of books. (via design love fest)

Diana finds the most amazing places on earth.

Did you try any of the 11 biggest food trends of 2011?

Love these stackable totem pole cups and bowls.

Haters gonna hate.

An interview with one of my favourite illustrators.

And a little Saturday dance break for you. (I finally watched Singin' in the Rain this week!)


  1. I have those cookie cutters! They're from ikea.

    And I think that list is missing the biggest trend of the year- CAKE POPS!

  2. I'm still trying to figure out how "meatballs" qualify as a food trend. Are they ever not popular? Anyway, I had those and fancy donuts (we're lucky to have a great place near us). We had a few macarons when we were in Paris in 2006, but I haven't had any since then.

    I LOVE Singin' in the Rain. I've probably watched it once a year my entire life. I never gets old!

  3. Have a nice Sunday;)

  4. thanks as always!