Friday, December 16, 2011


I can't believe Christmas is a little over a week away! I hope everyone has a (relatively) stress-free weekend and get some things crossed off of your Christmas to-do list!

Eggnog fudge, sweet Moses!

Dreamy hot air balloon photos.

This awesome tumblr is a great collective of textiles and patterns.

This is what 7 billion looks like (via bltd)

This tortoise and hare pint glass set illustrated by the amazing Meg Hunt is definitely on my Christmas list.

Melanie can make anything look fun. Even chocolate bark.

Japan really does have everything fun.

I want pretty much everything on Mallory's book wishlists: list one, list two.

I love this time of year when all of the music countdown lists are coming out. NPR Music posted their 100 Favourite Songs of 2011 on Wednesday.

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  1. nice links!! i need to check out the npr link right now!