Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I live 2000 miles away from home, so my sister and I like to send each other silly cards and packages. (Although, we would probably do this even if we lived in the same city). There is just something so gratifying about the simple act of receiving something in the mail. Send More Mail is a beautiful blog I stumbled upon the other day that is dedicated to snail mail. If you live in Canada, they sell packages of vintage stamps that contain enough postage to mail a standard sized letter within Canada. And if you don't live in Canada, you can still oggle the exquisitely minimalistic photos.


  1. I love getting cards/letters in the mail, even though it doesn't happen very often. When my closest friend lived in another city, we always wrote letters to each other, but now we've stopped since she moved back here... and I miss it!

  2. How heavenly! One of my closest friends and I only keep up via handwritten notes, and I love the tradition of it!