Friday, March 9, 2012


What are you up to this weekend? I'm looking forward to working on a couple of illustration projects and finally watching my current Netflix DVD that has been sitting beside my tv for a good two weeks. Have a good one, everyone!

I tried out this chocolate cookie recipe last night. De-lish.

I have never wanted a waffle maker as much as I did after seeing this.

In other waffle news, this waffle tour sounds amazing.

This dreamy record shop has been added to my potential Seattle list.

A cupcake ATM.

I can't wait to try this new donut shop when I'm home this summer.

A stunning installation.

A beautiful period and costumes drama tour.

Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am.

I love the Adapted Screenplay graphics from this year's Oscars.

March 15: A Chang is Gonna Come.

Photo from my instagram.


  1. 1. Once I had a Netflix DVD just sitting on my dresser for a solid 4 months...I'm not even kidding. So embarrassing. I finally watched it when I realized I was paying Netflix for nothing!
    2. I totally had a dream that we met last night. I'm pretty sure it involved eating sugary baked things. One day that really might happen. Hopefully in BC!

    1. Haha my record is definitely up there, too! I didn't have time to watch any movies during my final semester last year and had one sitting by my tv allll semester.

      If we ever meet it will most certainly involve sugary baked things!

    2. That's exactly my reason for having a DVD forever- I was finishing up my last semester and there just was no time to indulge in a movie!

  2. this post includes so many delicious links.

    my sister didn't go on an official waffle tour, but she did go to belgium when she studied abroad and she just taunted me with tons of waffle photos. yet another thing i'd do if i had tons of money: the waffle tour.

    1. I was pretty pleased to be able to use the phrase "In other waffle related news" haha

      My sister is doing an exchange in Sweden next year and I really hope that I can go and visit her!