Monday, April 2, 2012


Hope everyone had a good weekend! The end of the week got away from me last week. Here are a few links to start the week off:

Mallory has retired Where the Lovely Things Are and has a snappy new blog—Gems.

Stunning Manhattan rooftop garden.

I really want to paint some terra cotta pots now.

Ballet dancers in super slow motion. Entrancing.

Banana split on a stick sounds like the perfect summer treat.

Gorgeous vintage book illustrated by Laura Jean Allen.

The type on this book cover caught my eye on the weekend.

Bookshelf of an animator.

Beetles dressed as Jurassic Park characters (via Gems)

And finally, an album I can't get enough of lately.

Photo from my instagram

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  1. I love old soda bottles. We had this creek out back of my childhood home in Oregon and I would pull so many old bottles out of the water but my mom made me throw them away...said they were clutter...what I'd give to have that collection! Would be cute with some daisies in them :)