Friday, April 20, 2012


I am Minneapolis-bound this morning! This rad show I'm in opens tonight and I can't wait to see everyone's work and meet all of the really cool people that run the gallery as well as the other participating artists. Wishing you all a pleasant weekend! Catch you on the flip side.

Lightning strikes the Golden Gate Bridge.

Holy snood, this ice cream looks amazing.

This ice cream, too. I may have to buy an ice cream maker this summer.

Yes! For everyone else who knows there was room on that raft for Jack, too.

Kayaking in Deep Cove is definitely on my list next time I visit home. (via Room6)

Can you try a version with Comic Sans?

Swiss View via swiss miss

New Moonrise Kingdom posters.

Looking forward to The Shops at Target

If you have some time to waste: Pick One.

And if you want to see my illustration for the show, I posted it on my illustration blog.

Photo from my instagram

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