Friday, June 22, 2012


It is officially the first weekend of summer which means that everyone I know is throwing a barbeque this weekend. I anticipate lots of brats and sunshine. Have a good weekend everyone!

Looking at trucks in a whole new light via design work life

How to Draw a Penguin by Oliver Jeffers

Comfy and ready for battle!

Pip and Pop.

Working in product development for home products, this blog cracks me up to no end.

Did you see that Carson Ellis is all done illustrating the sequel to Wildwood?

How to make sugar cookies look like ice cream.

I must have this Totoro clock.

I need to buy a popsicle mold.

Instagram of Victor's in Minneapolis where I ate breakfast on Monday.


  1. Marisa, we would be SUCH good friends if we knew each other!!!
    Loved the penguin illustration...he's pretty funny.
    Comfy and ready for battle is awesome.
    The Totoro clock is way cool...I remember watching Totoro billions of times as a kid, but none of my friends had any idea what it was. I was a hipster child obviously.
    I have a popsicle mold and an entire popsicle board on Pinterest!
    And as I've said before, I freakin love British Columbia. See, we're meant to be friends!

  2. i'll be checking out this clock i think! hope your weekend was great!