Wednesday, August 22, 2012


While doing a bit of research yesterday for a project I stumbled upon this fantastic etsy shop full of beautifully illustrated vintage kitchen towels. If I had hundreds of dollars to spend on kitchen linens you can bet that I would snap these up in a heartbeat. (I love them so much that I briefly considered not blogging about them so that less people would have a chance to see them and buy them before I convince myself to buy a forty dollar kitchen towel. Seriously nerding out over these).


  1. Ok so I honestly don't blog about vintage things SOLEY because I think "Well if I'm suddenly rich I'll buy all these things, so I don't want anyone else to know about them". I've loved this shop for ages. Why don't we have the money to purchase huge collections of vintage tea towels!?!?! WHY!?!?!

    1. I can't even stand how much I love these. Maybe we can pool our efforts and have a joint vintage illustrated kitchen towel collection and split custody haha I can have it for Canadian Thanksgiving and you can have them for American Thanksgiving.