Friday, August 10, 2012


It's been a slow week and I have been very much looking forward to the weekend. Tonight is the kick-off of Fish Fry and a Flick which is the summer outdoor movie night series in Milwaukee. They're starting with Zoolander so you know I will be there. Have a good one everyone!

Fascinating infographic about the history of the 100m dash.

Cool measuring spoons.

Limited edition Hunger Games merch at Target.

Love this illustration of Sally Ride.

Book labyrinth.

Get in ma belly.

Stunning photos of New York.

Rainbow bridge.

Branding the presidents.

Whip out your 3D glasses to see the latest pictures from Mars.

I love Lego art.

I made this cake the other night on a whim. It was quite tasty! (And very simple).

This animated short is so strange and charming.


Sadly, this was not my view at any time this week. My dad sent it to me on Wednesday morning.

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