Tuesday, August 7, 2012


A little more punctual with this month's list than last month's! Here are a few of the new tunes I discovered in July and some of the old favourites I had on repeat. I usually find one band that I get stuck on every summer. Last summer it was The Vaccines, this summer it is Oberhofer! They've got that gritty fun vibe I love in the summer. And they just happen to be my coworker's brother's band, so that's neat too. Aside from Oberhofer, I've been taking a lot of musical cues from Scrubs (which I started watching last month.....Dr. Cox is one of my favourite television characters. Ever.) and Style Rookie's 8tracks playlists. I rarely skip anything on her mixes.You can find the set list after the jump. What have you been listening to this summer?

Did you miss the other mixes or want to take them for another spin? You can find them right here!

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