Monday, August 27, 2012


I'm taking a spontaneous trip down to Tennessee for Labour Day weekend! I've never been and would love any recommendations for sights to see and especially places to eat. I'll be in the Memphis area with a possible stop in St. Louis on the way down so if you have any suggestions for those two cities send 'em my way please and thank you!

(Man, I wish this was on the other side of Tennessee).



  1. In St. Louis, Left Bank Books! The one downtown has a great restaurant attached to it, called Bridge Tap House/Wine bar, and I loved the store and restaurant!

    1. That sounds right up my alley! Thanks so much for the recommendation!

  2. Um MARISA let's get together if you come through STL! (Remember me? I'm the one whose plans changed a few months back when I was going to come up to Chicago/Wisconsin for my cousin's wedding, but then the groom canceled?)

    I'd love to meet you, but if you don't have time for that, I would love to give you some other recommendations, too :)

  3. Hi Marisa! We visited Memphis two years ago, and I love Memphis -blog was a great help to us. We ate the best burgers ever at Huey´s downtown restaurant, it´s voted "Best of Memphis" many years in a roll. Downtown Memphis was quiet like a ghost town but some grand old buildings, like the Arcade restaurant, make it worth the trip!

    In St Louis I´d recommend Blueberry Hill -restaurant/bar on Delmar avenue, there´s also a nice comic book store nearby. And do visit the Gateway Arc, it is awesome. :) Firecracker Press makes great posters and stuff, and the neighbourhood is scattered with fun shops. And keep your eyes open, St Louis has so many beautiful abandoned buildings it´s just crazy, specially on the Illinois side. Enjoy your visit!;; ; ;