Friday, February 22, 2013


If you live in the Twin Cities area, my favourite gallery is celebrating their one year anniversary tonight! There will be plenty of cake and fun times to be had. For everyone else, here are a few links to start off your weekend:

Trying to wrap my brain around this pen.

I made this mac n cheese recipe earlier this week. Turned out pretty well.

Downton Abbey told via facebook (don't click if you're not all caught up!)

I thought I invented these awhile back but these look better.

Added to my summer roadtrip list.

I like to share the illustrated books that inspire on my illustration blog sometimes. I shared a couple this past week.

My cake illustrations above are for sale in the Light Grey Art Lab shop right here.

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  1. I saw your artwork at the Light Grey Art Lab! (And, of course, recognized your work from being a loyal blog reader and loving your aesthetic!) It looked great, the whole party theme was awesome!