Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I picked up this amazing book at Mitsuwa market while I was in Illinois a couple of weekends ago. I always love admiring the Japanese children's book selection they have there but I literally have to judge the books by their covers because they are all wrapped in plastic! So it is always a bit of a crapshoot as to whether the inside illustrations will be just as appealing (although I haven't been let down yet!).

I guessed it would be good because it is a Tupera Tupera book, a fantastic Japanese design duo. I really had no idea just how much I would love it, though. This book was made for me. It features everything I love. Interesting textural/graphic illustrations of unusual sea creatures? Unconventional book size? Accordion fold structure with a beautiful cover sleeve? Sunfish?? Anglerfish?? Made for me, I tell you.

I cannot read it (or rather, I can read it from the hiragana that I have somehow retained from my childhood, I just don't understand it). The repeating syllables lead me to believe that they are some sort of noises?

I'll stop gushing about the book now and let you have a look at just how incredible it is. I have so many ideas for accordion fold narratives of my own swirling around my brain now.


  1. I think that first character is the kanji for sakana or fish :)

  2. My brain broke looking at the last photo. So incredibly beautiful. Thanks for sharing this book. I've never heard of Tupera Tupera but I'll be on the lookout now!!

  3. that is seriously spectacular...nice find :)

  4. I love marine art!!

    yes, the repeating hiragana are onomatopoeia :)
    The Japanese language has many more onomatopoetic expressions than in English... the eternal woe of the translator. ;)