Monday, May 25, 2009

And the award for biggest packrat goes to.....

Just a few of the things I found while cleaning my room this morning.

Sax: RIP

Art history notes from freshman year

A mini project for freshman art history. We were supposed to make a handkerchief inspired by Rococo art (which I absolutely despise) so I tried to make mine look like a bunch of flowers were ralphing all over it.

Valentine from Abi!

This bus route no longer exists. I wonder if there are any weird 
collectors that would give me money for this schedule. Mint condition!

So, this schedule is from when Chelsey and I took the bus and some old lady behind us kept talking to us. So we decided to write down everything she said because it was damn entertaining.

  • Jacket - $600
  • McDonald's
  • ex-husband
  • cowboy hat ($15)
  • French toast
  • Black woman's bag - Walmart - ask where bought
  • her mom went to Walmart
  • Eat lunch
  • (hard to get there)
  • don't remember
  • nice and dry - stopped
  • chewing with mouth open
  • nice guy looking at the bus - waved to him and he waved back to me - where is he going now?
  • Landmark Credit Union
  • Stadium
  • people are all going to work with people
  • back and forth


  1. OMG! You still have that!!! XD AWESOME!!

  2. I'm keeping it forever now! We can rip in in half and be buried with it.