Saturday, July 25, 2009

My spots

I took the quiz that Chelsey posted on her blog to see where my ideal cities to live in the United States would be. It asks you a bunch of questions about your preferred climate and community elements and all that jazz. It's pretty accurate.

portland, or
(I would love love love to live here. Just for Powell's alone.)

eugene, or
(Never heard of it, but Oregon's alright by me)

little rock, ar
(This would just give Abi even more of an excuse to visit Arkansas! Although, to be honest,
I forget that AR is a state half the time. Not sure how I'd fare living here.)

seattle, wa
(I'm surprised this is so far down the list.
This is right up there with Portland as far as I'm concerned.
Although, I've never been to Eugene or Little Rock
so I guess I should withold judgement)

bellingham, wa
(This is actually right across the border from where I live.
I probably wouldn't move here.)

honolulu, hi
(I just had to include this one even though it's not in the top 5
because I wanted to show some of these purdy pictures)

Where's your spot?


  1. Move to Little Rock! Move to Little Rock! I'll be your roommate. :p

  2. fsdfsdlkgjsl I got like 6 Wisconsin towns, Chicago, and the rest were either Connecticut or Massachusetts. Nowhere near California!

  3. Ha I guess you're right where you belong then Kaycie.