Sunday, July 26, 2009

NYT Screen Tests

I found this series of interviews while traversing the internets the other night. Some of my favourite actors and actresses are included in the bunch. Here's Matthew Goode because a) he's pretty, b) he's funny and c) accent, hello-o, d) he's Goode Goode!

Check out the rest here.



    Lol I'm not even listening to what he's saying, I'm just listening to his awesome accent. I wish he would have used that accent freely in Watchmen instead of trying to do an American accent and having the English slip up a lot.

    He IS pretty! The only pictures I've seen of him out of costume are ones where he had this nasty moustache.

  2. I loved that he talked about his failed accent in the interview. I wish they had asked him about Chasing Liberty haha If you want to ogle him some more but don't want to listen then rent Brideshead Revisited. I was really disappointed with the story but he looks oh so Goode.